Over a quarter million YouTube subscribers and Facebook followers! This calls for a toast…and a throwback story 🍻 🌎🌏🌍


I remember the night we uploaded “What Happened” like it was yesterday…We only had a couple 100 fans and barely any music out. Even though we had already made a bunch of songs in dopeys bedroom as teenagers…Friends around us always used to say…Why you ain’t dropping the music y’all made!? It’s 🔥🔥 !!! and we was like yeah…its dope…but naturally we discarded whatever we had made last and it was on to the next…getting better and better…until we reached the point we was making tracks at a level that became “Branded”…

Young, hungry, tired of the same old casual rappers…it was time to take shit over…It was time for something grimey and heavy…What happened dropped and we couldn’t believe how quickly it snow balled…people all over the world suddenly came to our shows, legends took us on the road with them…and millions of souls young and old fuck with us to this day!

Shout out to all the homies and ride or die chicks that stood beside us no matter the weather and made it all possible by being a part of this movement! #familia
Big up #dodarmy worldwide! For making this another successful year and salute to all the people that have just tuned in!

250.000 SUBSCRIBERS…This is only the beginning.

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