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Peace Dope D.O.D.


There is no underplay in the name of rap group, Dope D.O.D. (Duo of Darkness). Their brand of music is sinister and sometimes difficult to stomach. They channel the dark misogynistic undertones captured in American gangster rap and the jokingly macabre antics reminiscent of artists like Eminem.

Despite many of their obvious American influences they bring in elements from their homeland. They utilize the dark rifts that historically personified Dutch music culture, incorporating the cinematic tendencies of dark ambient sounds, and seemingly taking cues from the intensity of Black and Death Metal. The groups most recognizable element is its experimental electronic structure. After all the worlds most renowned EDM DJs hail from the Netherlands so it isn’t much of a surprise to hear this sound filtered into their music.
The band is unruly onstage and the audience is just as wild. Mosh pits breakout on the floor as well as hardcore dancing. The band jumps around in a crazed havoc and insight the audience to go beyond the threshold of reasonable fun. The groups rappers are interesting characters to watch on stage. They sport afros and mohawks and occasionally can be found drinking hard liquor during their shows. In summary please do not take your parents to see this show or any young children unless you want them to be irrevocably corrupted.
The band does revel in absurdities (I Mean one of their songs is entitled “Ridiculous”), but they have made a serious impact in the Dutch rap community and even more so in the hip-hop scene world wide. In 2011 they made a huge impression online with their hit music video “What Happened” which reached up to 13.7 million views on YouTube (Currently 40+ Million). From there the group’s career skyrocketed. They entered into the French pop charts, they were playing large festivals all over Europe and were a featured act at SXSW and toured the world with Korn, ICP and Limp Bizkit. The band still has maintained its level of sensationalism and now is as good a time as any to catch them live.
2024, as Dope D.O.D. readies itself for a highly anticipated release and prepares to hit the road for an electrifying tour fans of hardcore hip-hop are in for a treat.
With their commitment to maintaining a sensational stage presence, Audiences are guaranteed to experience the raw energy and captivating performances that harken back to the golden era of hip-hop.






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